White and wood tints in a Berlin home

Berlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comBerlin styling by cocolapinedesign.comLast week I had the opportunity to style and photograph this beautiful Berlin apartment with big windows and light beaming in from both sides. The living room was this big open space with windows covering the entire wall. I picked the Como table and Vela sofa from Bolia which went very nicely together with the color of the floor. I like the simple and clean lines of the coffee table a lot and they contrasted very nicely with the curvy Normann Copenhagen Knot Chair, available at Minimum.

Next to the couch I placed some frames with artwork from Playtype and Studio Esinam and my &tradition raft stool with the Plug lamp from Atelje Lyktan. This lamp is designed by Form us with Love and it really was what this living room needed. I use it home as well and it has served its purpose for phone charging already many times, as we always tend to run out of plugs.

For the dining table, I used the Buk table legs from Normann Copenhagen. They are just so beautiful and I was surprised to see how easy they are to assemble. They are super sturdy as well, something I’m often in doubt about with table legs. On their website they combine it with a wooden top, which is very nice, but in this home I wanted to contrast it with a white top to reflect all the light coming in from the big windows. Around the table I combined some vintage chairs with the Modern Muuto Visu chair, also available from Minimum. I like this contrast of old and new. Above the dining and coffee table, you can see the subtle Frama lights in copper and white. I had been eying on the Diamond bulb for a while and was excited to use it in this styling.

In the bedroom you can see a soft grey bed with bedding from Mikmax, which I combined with a small workspace with some vintage finds. I like how the soft grey from the fabric and the wood from the desk go together. Above the bed you can see a set of new palm prints I’m currently working on. They will be appearing in my shop soon, together with the abstract black print above the sofa.

Vorige week had ik de mogelijkheid om een mooi Berlijns appartement met grote ramen in te richten en te fotograferen. Er kwam veel licht binnen van beide kanten en de living was een grote open ruimte. Ik koos de Como salon tafel en de Vela sofa van Bolia die beiden heel goed samen gingen met de houten vloer. De simpele lijnen van de salon tafel vind ik heel mooi en ze contrasteerden ook mooi met de ronde vormen van de Copenhagen Knot Chair.

Naast de zetel gebruikte ik kaders met posters van Playtype en Studio Esinam en mijn &tradition raft stoeltje met daarop de mooi Plug lamp van Atelje Lyktan. Deze lamp is ontworpen door ‘Form us with Love’ en was helemaal wat deze leefruimte nodig had. Ik gebruik hem in onze woning ook en hij heeft ook al vaak dienst gedaan om mijn telefoon op te laden. Wij hebben nooit genoeg stopcontacten.

Voor de tafel in de eetkamer gebruikte ik de Buk table legs van Normann Copenhagen. Die waren zo mooi en ik was ervan verbaasd hoe snel en makkelijk ze te monteren waren. Ze zijn ook heel stevig, iets waarover ik vaak twijfel bij aparte tafelbenen. Op hun website worden de benen met een houten tafelblad gecombineerd, wat ook mooi is, maar hier combineerde ik ze met een wit tafelblad om zo veel mogelijk licht te reflecteren. Rond de tafel verzamelde ik vintage stoelen gecombineerd met de Muuto Visu stoel. Ik hou van deze combinatie van oud en nieuw. Boven de eettafel en het salon kan je de subtiele lampen van Frama zien in koper en wit. Ik had al langer een oogje op de Diamond bulb en was blij om ze in deze styling te kunnen gebruiken.

In de slaapkamer kan je een zacht grijs bed zien met textiel van Mikmax, wat ik gecombineerd heb met de kleine werkplaats met vintage accessoires. Ik vind dat de zacht grijze stof heel mooi samen gaat met de kleuren van de kleine bureau. Boven het bed kan je een set Palm posters zien waar ik momenteel aan het werken ben en boven de sofa nog een abstracte print. Ze zullen binnenkort ook in mijn shop te verkrijgen zijn.


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28 Responses to White and wood tints in a Berlin home

  1. Michael says:

    Beautiful. So much natural light. It has to be amazing waking up and see through that big window the nature and city waking up too..
    And what I see =O, Chemex coffee maker, wow! Ok, raising my hands up and clapping with smile. Perfect.


    • cocolapine says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words Michael ! I’m very glad to hear you like it. I recently bought the coffee maker and it has been a nice addition to our morning routine 😉

  2. Rasheda says:

    Love it all! Absolutely fantastic!

  3. Anja says:

    Just beautiful! I really love your work! Where is the mountain prints in the last picture from?

  4. Hello Sarah,
    This flat and styling are perfect as always. You know I love your work and you chose fantastic colors. I love the wood, white and grey.
    You are right, dining table is amazing with the legs but I love it because it is cool :), of course, the table and sofa from Bolia are nice, ….all is beautiful and as Michael I clapping with big smile :)….oh yes I love your camera…:)
    Have a nice day!

    • cocolapine says:

      Thank you so much Lucia, I’m so glad to hear you like it ! The camera is a first start of a collection of vintage cameras I have in mind 😉 You have a nice day too ! – Sarah

  5. Anu says:

    Gorgeous styling, Sarah – as always! 🙂 Love the light and airy feel in this apartment.

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  7. Lidija says:

    Really nice work! Love the way you styled it.

  8. chris farber says:

    Gorgeous space. Can you tell us what shade of white paint you used throughout the home? Thanks.

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Chris, thank you for your kind words ! The space was already painted before I arrived there to do the styling, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you I’m afraid, sorry !

  9. Dana says:

    Just lovely. Where is the sand-colored mountain print above the workspace / desk from? http://cocolapinedesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/IMG_1296.jpg — I am smitten.

    Thank you!

    • cocolapine says:

      Thank you Dana, glad to hear you like my styling ! The mountains are pages from a magazine of a Berlin store called ‘Kauf dich Glucklich’ 😉


  11. David says:

    Beautiful! Really nice work! What is the brand/model name of the chair in the last picture? I had a chair like that but lost it during a move and can’t find it anymore..

    • cocolapine says:

      I’m not sure, as I bought it second hand, it doesn’t have a brand on it, but the description said Swing chair…hope that helps at least a little bit.

  12. Josefine says:

    I’m totally in love with the Berlin poster. I find it hard to find frames with those measurements (65×100). I’d love to know where you got the frame for the poster?

    Thank you!

    • cocolapine says:

      It is indeed hard to find. I sort of framed it temporarily myself, with masking tape wood and plastic as glass. It works and it’s still in my living room like that, but I’m still looking for a more long term solution as well. In Germany they sell them on ebay in this size, however the borders are thicker.


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