Cozy and playful for the winter months

Cozy and playful for the winter months - via Cozy and playful for the winter months - via Cozy and playful for the winter months - via Cozy and playful for the winter months - via Cozy and playful for the winter months - via

When the seasons change and the yellow and red trees of fall start to look bare, I usually like to make some changes in our home as well and bring a little bit more coziness inside. We spent so much more time in the house when it’s cold (I guess I’m not the only one) and I value and cherish my home decorations so much more now than in summer.

To cozy up our dining area a little bit, some classic pieces made their move in. On our table the By Lassen Kubus 4 candle holder will bring us many cozy candle lit dinners and I’m sure I will have my fun with this classic piece when it’s time to bring out the christmas decor. I have seen many people get creative with it on Instagram and have seen it being transformed into the perfect Christmas wreath. They also just brought out a matching-matchbox cover and matches which fits the Kubus perfectly.

On our String shelf, which usually looks quite clean and white, The Woody Bimble from Hoptimist is stealing my heart. We have each been playing around with this piece of craftsmanship out of smoked oak and we are so amused by it. Furthermore I added the lovebirds from Kay Bojesen to the shelf, which are just so perfect together. The reversed natural and smoked oak on each of them matches each other perfectly, while they are each so different (sounds like many relationships doesn’t it ?). These hand crafted creatures bring some fun in our interior for winter, because ultimately, between all the minimalism and clean lines, the elements that make a home playful and cozy are so important.

All design pieces mentioned above (and many more beautiful objects) are available at Conceptroom.

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2 Responses to Cozy and playful for the winter months

  1. Anthony says:

    I can’t decide which I love more, the lovebirds or the woody bimble! They’re both so adorable.

    • cocolapine says:

      hi Anthony, they really both are so cute. The lovebirds are so nice together, but the Woody Bimble is very amusing to play around with 😉

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