Beautiful living kitchen

Beautiful living kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.comBeautiful living kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.comBeautiful living kitchen - via Beautiful living kitchen - via

I like this living kitchen a lot. The clean lines of the white cabinets combine very well with the soft herringbone flooring and the marble backdrops and countertops. I also like the chrome Artek lights combined with the brass accessories on the table, such a rich color combination.

via Fantastic Frank

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2 Responses to Beautiful living kitchen

  1. John @ PADL says:

    I love how spacey it is. Most people wanna fill every inch of their house with SOMETHING but I just like having open space. I wanna be able to MOVE and stuff ya know.

    I’m sure my kids appreciate that too since it means they have plenty of space to run around and do kid stuff.

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi John, I really agree with that. It’s so tempting to fill every corner with stuff you collected over the years, but this empty space makes it so much more spacious, plus the few things that are on display look so much more special !

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