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Visit to the Vipp shelter - cocolapinedesign.comVisit to the Vipp shelter - cocolapinedesign.comVisit to the Vipp shelter - cocolapinedesign.comVisit to the Vipp shelter -

I had seen pictures of the Vipp shelter ever since it was built and always wanted to visit this beautiful and modern cabin in the woods. On Monday I actually had the chance to see it with my own eyes (as you might have seen on my Instagram) and it was just everything that I had imagined and more.

The weather was so nice during our visit and with the glass panels on both (entire) sides of the shelter you really have the feeling of living in nature. The interior elements are carefully chosen to keep the focus on nature and everything you see in the shelter is Vipp. With the forest on one side, the lake on the other and glass panels in the ceiling to look at the stars at night, the shelter really is taking you back to nature (with the added comfort and style of course).

The pictures you see are taken by me during my visit, but you can see more pictures of the shelter and how it was built here.


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2 Responses to Visit to the Vipp shelter

  1. Marina says:

    Great love for this gorgeous concept, plus the outside and inside dark vibe in connection with nature. A little pricey though. The only Vipp things I can afford for now are these sober wall spots and some other accessories of same brand ; I need them badly, they will at home remind me daily of this wonderful Vipp Shelter. Imagination plays a great role in one’s home.

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Marina, yep the shelter itself is pricey indeed, it’s a house 😉 I’m keeping it at Vipp accessories for now as well !

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