Bedroom Love

Bedroom Love - via Coco Lapine Design Bedroom Love - via Coco Lapine Design

The grey wall combines so nicely with the light grey and oker bed linen in this room. The bed fills the room almost entirely, which looks very cozy. By painting what seems like a long narrow room grey on one wall, the grey wall will look optically move forward.

via Historiska Hem

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5 Responses to Bedroom Love

  1. Oh that bedroom looks so cosy! I don’t normally for such dark walls, but it looks like a lovely comfy cocoon for autumn!

  2. Marina says:

    Dark is definitely beautiful.

  3. DDivaD says:

    I hate when folks walk into rooms & immediately say ” its too small. ” No imagination, vision or creativity ” is what I think. Unless space is actually mandatory for some instances. With todays housing costs & price for decor, functionality is always #1 in my book. Often, LESS is just MORE!

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