Tylko shelf in my office

Tylko shelf in my office - via Coco Lapine DesignTylko shelf in my office - via Coco Lapine DesignTylko shelf in my office - via Coco Lapine DesignTylko shelf in my office - via Coco Lapine DesignTylko shelf in my office - via Coco Lapine Design

I was in need of a good storage solution in my office. Somewhere I could place papers, magazines and display my favorite things I don’t want hidden away in a closed closet. I configured the Tylko shelf to fit nicely between my desk and the sofa in my office. Some of you might have seen some Instagram stories from when I was building the shelf last week.

The piece can be configured online or in the Tylko app and you can even use the augmented reality future to place the shelf exactly in your interior and see how it looks in your room. You can pick between three different sizes of shelf height and basically any width or height. I started out with the bookshelf design, which I played around with until I found the perfect arrangement for me. I made sure I have some higher shelves for files and folders, combined with some lower ones to display small decoration items.

The shelf is available in black, white and grey. For the office I chose a contrasting black laminate finish, which looks great with my white desk and grey sofa. The veneer layers are visible on the side, which soften the look of the shelf and makes the lines of the grid stand out even more. I build a Tylko shelf in white as well, but you will read more about that on here later on. The shelf is shipped flat and super easy to build with a snap system. All the components are numbered and color coded so it’s very easy to assemble.

If you are interested in a great storage solution, hop on over to their website and build your own. Tylko is kindly offering Coco Lapine readers 75 euro off with a minimum value purchase of 500 euros with code ‘cocolapine’ until July 1st 2017.

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  2. Audrey says:

    Breathtaking! It fits perfectly.

  3. Jane says:

    Nice for single man!


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