Menu Collection 2019


Danish design brand Menu is presenting their new catalog for 2019 at IMM Cologne and as per usual, the images in which the new products are presented are super inspiring.  My personal favorite of the new collection would be the Échasse Hurricane designed by Theresa Rand. This is an extension to the vase series that has found it’s place into so many design homes in the last year.

The Bank pendant (which you can see in the second picture of this blogpost) is designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn. They found inspiration from a vintage-style pendant while strolling through Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. I think this pendant looks especially great in a set of two like shown in the picture.

Norm Architects designed as series of minimal accessories for the bathroom, which is now extended to a towel, soap and toilet paper holder. These minimal lines fit great especially into this terrazzo bathroom setting.

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    My living room and the grey wall color


    My living room is coming together a little bit more and even though I’m sure I will be changing things around in the weeks to come I’m pretty happy with the general look and layout.

    Every single time I share a picture of the grey wall I have painted, I get questions about the color I have used and I would like to take this opportunity to mention something about wall colors. First of all, I edit my pictures and even though I only use natural light and keep my picture editing to a minimum to achieve a natural look, this can make a wall color look quite different as in the picture (you can even see the difference in the two pictures I have shared). Second, my living room is facing east, which means it gets quite a warm light and this has an influence on how the grey looks as well.

    The way I defined the color is by color matching items that I thought were looking great in this corner, like the grey plant box and the sofa cover. Then I tried to find a color that would match this. I have used a custom color (S 1500-N) on this wall and had it mixed at my local paint shop into a paint with a matt finish. For those of you who are interested to use the same color, please make sure to use a sample first, as the color might look entirely different on your walls, depending on the light, flooring and the colors of the items you have in the room.

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    Beige home with a soft and cozy look


    When I look at the pictures of this home for sale in Gothenburg (Sweden) I can just feel the cozy atmosphere in this place. The mixture of textiles, art prints, vintage and modern items works so well and the overall beige color palette is such a dream.

    The kitchen is very beautifully made. I love the glass cabinets on the upper part and note that they used both steel and lime stone as counter tops, which is an unusual choice, but it works so well here.

    Both the living room and bedroom are decorated in a simple and minimal way, yet the beige color palette makes it interesting and so cozy. I love the tone on tone look in the bedroom and the way the crisp white linen sheets stand out against all the beige.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem

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    Johanna Bradford’s home for sale


    Swedish blogger Johanna Bradford’s magically cozy home is for sale and this is such a great opportunity to take a look around at her place. I have seen many pictures of her home on her blog and Instagram, but it’s still quite a bit different when a home is photographed entirely to go up for sale.

    Her home is very cozy and has the perfect combination of modern minimal lines and vintage pieces. She doesn’t shy away from using patterned wallpaper either, which makes her home so characterful. She gives some more info on the design items in the pictures in her blogpost if you are interested.

    By the way, I have blogged about Johanna’s kitchen before when it was photographed for Nordiska Kök, amazing how different photos and editing can have an effect right ?

    Photographed by esoft for Fastighetsbyrån

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    Beautiful beige kitchen


    I think this kitchen looks so soft, yet very clean in design. The beige color of the cabinets matches perfectly with the white soaped flooring and countertop and combines very nicely with the white tiles against the wall.

    The chrome details of the machines on the countertop add a little bit of an industrial touch to the mix and the green vintage cabinet adds so much character to this space. I love that you can see the living room from the kitchen as well, which has complementing beige tints in the fabrics.

    via Alvhem

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    Bathroom details


    I’m very happy with the choices that were made during the renovations of the bathroom of my new apartment. I’m renting this apartment, so I think I was quite lucky to have a landlord with such great taste. The Brass fittings and the black marble floor really stand out and I feel like I should do it justice and not overload this minimal design with a bunch of ugly cosmetics.

    I started to lay out my pretty tubes and soaps (second picture) but for every pretty item there is of course a multitude of ugly cosmetics waiting to be hidden in a smart bathroom storage solution.

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    Nouveau designed by Bernhardt – Vella studio


    Ex.t will present a new collection at Maison Object this year in collaboration with Bernhardt-Vella studio from Milan. The brand collaborates with known designers (like Norm Architects) from the home design world who approach bathroom pieces in an innovative way.

    The results are original solutions adaptable to different environments, different space needs and functionalities: modular systems that can be composed and recomposed endlessly.

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    Small studio home with a smart layout


    Other then the great accessories and style of this small studio apartment, I love the way it has been structured. The layout with the barn door separating the bedroom and living room works very nicely and creates two separate areas out of one big space.

    In the living room I noticed the little bench in front of the heater, which works so nicely. Heaters are so necessary but if there is a way to hide them away, I’m all for it ! The big fiddle fig leaf plant in front of the window looks great as well and I like the beige color pallet throughout the space. This works very calming and gives a warm look to the apartment.

    Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Stadshem

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    Kitchen view


    It took some getting used to the all white kitchen in my new place (the kitchen I designed in our previous home was grey and black as seen here) but I already started to love the clean look. I think it makes the living kitchen look bigger as well, which is a big plus.

    I was debating painting the wall above the white open shelving in a light grey, but as many of you suggested on this picture on Instagram, I will wait a little bit and see what I think in a few months time. I’m however looking into a round dining table that is not white to bring some more texture to this look. Any ideas on which design would fit in with all the white ?

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