Menu at The Audo


Danish design brand MENU has relocated their headquarters and creative showroom to The Audo—a unique concept that reflects the rapidly changing intersection of home, work and hospitality in a single, community-building universe. It was opened to the public during 3daysofdesign but unfortunately I couldn’t fit a visit into my schedule so I’m taking it all in through these amazing pictures. 

The Audo reflects MENU’s founding philosophy of collaborative spirit. It masterfully unites co-working and event facilities, a café, restaurant and concept store, as well as an exclusive hotel residence through design, making transitions from one space to another seamless, inspiring and pleasurable.

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Ferm Living Mingle table


I have made a small change to my living kitchen, which had such a great effect on the layout of this space. I replaced my old dining table with the Ferm Living Mingle table (gifted) and I love the look of the soft wood of the table top combined with the mingle legs in brass. I chose brass legs because I have brass finishes in my kitchen as well.

The round table fits four people with ease just like the other table I had there before, but the room looks just so much more spacious now. I’m using my Shell pot as a centrepiece on the table and love how the ceramics combine with the light wood grain.

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    Home in green and grey


    There is a lot to say about this beautifully decorated Swedish home, but the wall colors really stand out to me the most. The green-grey walls in the living room look very fresh and give the otherwise modest decoration a boost. I love that this touch of green comes back in the painting that is hanging above the kitchen counter, such a nice touch. The green walls also make the plants stand out a lot more, did you notice ?

    The bedroom is painted in a cooler grey, which comes peeking through from the other room as well. I love the way the grey combines with the cognac leather of the armchair and with the crisp white linen bedding* and beige linen throw*.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Janne Olander for Stadshem

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    Grey bedroom peeking through


    I love it when one room peeks through from the other room like in this classy Swedish home. You can close the doors for privacy, yet when they are open the space looks a lot bigger.

    In this space the effect becomes even stronger because of the dark grey walls in the bedroom, combined with the crisp white ones in the living room. I think the dark grey walls combine very nicely with the pink bedsheets* as well, don’t you think ?

    via Alvhem

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    Farmhouse kitchen in Österlen


    Swedish cabinet makers Nordiska Kök just recently completed a new project in a countryside home in the South of Sweden. This fully renovated dream home belongs to Ellen Dixdotter and her architect husband Jacob. They have created a place to inhale and to gather friends and family.

    The heart of the home is the bespoke shaker kitchen. With details like the antique glass cabinet, the second-hand kitchen island and the solid oak countertop, it feels like the kitchen has been there since the beginning.

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    Karimoku Case Study

    This exhibition took place at the Kinfolk Gallery during 3daysofdesign. Karimuko Case Study is a Japanese lifestyle brand which was displayed alongside works of local creatives, thoughtfully curated to give visitors the impression of being in a contemporary apartment setting, drawing on Japanese and Danish design aesthetics, quality craftsmanship and organic shapes. The brand’s first furniture collection is designed by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa.

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    Stylish attic studio


    How amazing is this attic home please ? Living with angled walls can be challenging, especially when you don’t have such a big apartment, but I think this home shows a great example of solving this problem. I love the built in cabinet against the wall that connects the living room and the bedroom. It combines both open and closed storage and integrates the door as well. What a great custom built !

    I love how cozy the bedroom is as well. The green-grey wall works very nicely combined with the print, the pale green linen pillows* and the Umage feather pendant* adds even more softness and texture to this room.

    Styled by Cream and Navy, photographed by Anders Bergstedt for Alvhem

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    Crisp white home with beautiful details


    I love a home that’s well accessorised.  Accessories can make such a big difference and can give a home character and personality. The crisp white floors and walls in this Swedish home could easily give this space an almost clinical look, yet because of all the different textiles and textures it is far from that.

    The living room has an Ikea sofa with a Bemz custom cover* in linen, which has a very soft look and combines very nicely with the mixture of linen pillows in white*.

    The art pieces on the big wall surfaces next to the sofa work very nicely together and connect the dining table with the rest of the living room. It also integrates the tv screen into the interior without it standing out so much. 

    The bedroom is the only room in this apartment that wasn’t kept white and the grey walls work so well here too. I love that they painted the Ikea Ivar system in a darker grey. Just like in the living room, the linen throw* and pillow covers* stand out here and give the room a crisp and texturised look.

    via Entrance Makleri

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    Danijela Pavlica’s home


    Danijela Pavlina’s home was recently featured on the Residence Magazine blog and I just love everything about this turn of the century home with chique and modern decor.

    The entire place is painted grey, which serves as the perfect canvas for the art pieces and modern furniture elements.  Built in cabinets in the kitchen and living room give this home a very high end look and provide a perfect storage solution.

    You can read more about this home and get details about the furniture pieces used on the Residence blog

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    Montana Furniture Wardrobe updated


    In my old apartment, my bedroom used to be very narrow and long, which was kind of awkward to decorate, but towards the end of living there I found a great solution with the Montana wardrobe solution spread over the entire wall, also creating a little bench to sit on. I loved this setup in my old home (which you can see in this blogpost)  and it’s one of the things I truly miss about living there.

    My new home has a completely different layout, with a smaller and more square bedroom. It’s quite tight but works fine for just one person. I did end up with way less wall surface though and I obviously couldn’t use my Montana wardrobe in the same setup as I had used it before. I will miss my cozy bench, but the nice thing about this modular system is that you can adjust it to your needs and to any room. These wardrobe modules were one of the first things that were installed after moving, because they need little to no assembly. 

    Since in my previous home, I had an old closet next to this setup to hang clothes (that’s how wide this bedroom was) which I didn’t have space for in my new place, I decided to update the setup with two higher wardrobe modules and to design a layout that goes higher up to fully optimises the space available. 

    The bottom modules are the drawers that I previously had, where I store my sweaters, t-shirts, pants and everything foldable. I fold everything Mari Kondo style to optimise the space to the fullest, but these drawers are very spacious and deep so I actually have more space left to fill. I try not fill it though as I try to keep my wardrobe minimal. The two higher cabinets I added have a hanging rod for hanging dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets. I use the right one for longer items that fill the entire cabinet and the middle one for shorter items so I can also use the bottom of this module for storing boxes. The small cupboard is used for purses and accessories, however I still need to find a good way or organising this one. Any tips ?

    Last year I had chosen white as a color for the modules and I naturally chose the same finish for the modules I added, but these components come in all 42 Montana colors and in the 30 new colors designed by Margrethe Odgaard that were introduced during 3 days of design. So many beautiful options !

    This blogpost was created in collaboration with Montana Furniture, however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like to know more about Montana Furniture, you can visit their website or take a look at the stylish examples on their Instagram and Pinterest.

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