Menu JWDA floorlamp


Danish design brand Menu just recently added a the JWDA Floor lamp to their JWDA Collection design by Swedish Jonas Wagell.  The entire collection is inspired by traditional oil lamps and is crafted out of contrasting materials. The new floor lamp is my personal favorite of the collection as of yet.

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    Impressive turn of the century home


    This is such an amazing apartment don’t you think ? The turn of the century details in this home are obviously amazing and do a lot in this interior. The room I love the most is the living room, which is decorated quite sparingly, leaving a lot of space around the furniture for an airy and light look. The build in book shelf here looks amazing as well and the black color adds a bit of drama here, softened out with the delicate wall paper on the small empty wall. 

    I love the black marble fireplace as well and the dark bedroom has a very characterful and dramatic look which I’m really drawn too.

    via Bjurfors

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    Beautiful shaker kitchen with a round table


    I love the minimal look I have going on in my kitchen, but when I see a cozy and classic shaker kitchen like this it just gets me so much more excited to start cooking for some reason. 

    I love the big windows with the round marble dining table in front of it. The marble comes back in the backsplash above the stove and I think the hanging copper pots and pans look so amazing on display as well.

    via Bjurfors

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    ByLassen Kubus Flowerpots in my home


    Are you a plant lover ? I myself love to surround myself with plants in my home and I like the weekly ritual of taking care of them. I usually do this on a Sunday so I can take my time and give my green friends the love they deserve. I had so many plants in my old home, which I didn’t move with me (apart from a tiny pancake baby, which I have grown into a bigger plant by now) and now am slowly selecting new plants. 

    Danish design brand byLassen just added a series of Flowerpots to their Spring collection and I was lucky enough to try them out in my home. The Kubus Flowerpot is another addition to the iconic Kubus collection designed by Søren Lassen and combines so nicely with the other Kubus products (notice the small Kubus T in nickel on my dining table). The Flowerpots come in both black and white and are available in 3 different sizes. You can see Flowerpot 10 and Flowerpot 14 in both black and white in my kitchen and dining room. I like both the black and white version and think a plant can look so different depending on which Flowerpot you put it in.

    I love the combination of the straight and minimal lines of the Flowerpot combined with the organic forms of the plants. It really makes the plant shine and both the black and white version really enhances the green color of the plant. 

    Together with the Flowerpots, byLassen also released universal wall fittings, with which you can hang them on the wall. I’m still contemplating on where to mount mine. They will look so great on the wall as well.

    This blogpost was created in collaboration with byLassen, however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like to know more about byLassen, you can visit their website or take a look at the stylish examples on their Instagram and Pinterest.

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    My visit to the Vipp Chimney House


    Last week I got the amazing opportunity to visit Copenhagen and stay in Vipp’s new 3rd hotel room designed by Studio David Thulstrup: The Chimney House.

    This historical landmark, built in 1902, once was a water pumping station but has been entirely renovated into a cutting-edge, modern building equipped with Vipp products and curated art pieces, all while retaining the charm of the original architectural shell.

    David Thulstrup, architect and founder of Studio David Thulstrup. about the project: “For me it was a dream architectural project, from the strong gestures of the building to the finest interior detailing. I was encouraged to make it edgy, and with that I wanted to add the personality, comfort and aesthetics of a private residence. I wanted people to feel at home.” 

    I arrived late at night so it was already dark, but as soon as I opened the arch doors in steel-framed glass, I was blown of my socks. You can clearly recognise Vipp’s signature design language throughout the space and just like their products, which are known for quality and durability, you get the same feeling about the entire house as well. 

    The downstairs area has a fully equipped Vipp kitchen in black, which was so nice to try out and my absolute dream kitchen. A large dining table (with their new leather dining chairs) next to the kitchen island  stands under the 8.5m heigh ceiling, which looks straight up to the Chimney. A sofa area with  the new Vipp sofa and a fully stocked design library next to it make for a perfect cozy evening spot.

    Upstairs there are two bedrooms (you can see the master bedroom with the connected walk-in closet in the pictures) with a bathroom in the middle. The floors in the house are a mixture of wood and grey terrazzo, which is continued in the bathroom as well. I’m in love with the mixture of the terrazzo and the white bathroom furniture. Such a great combo !

    I have visited the Vipp shelter a few years back as well, now I just need to see the Vipp Loft in person and then I have experienced all three of their exclusive design concepts.

    This post was written in collaboration with Vipp, however all words and opinions are my own of course. You can read more about the Chimney House here, and find almost all the products that are photographed here.


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    Plain kitchen made cozy


    The kitchen itself in this apartment is nothing special, though I do love the metro tiles as a backsplash combined with the lightbulbs above it. I think it has been decorated in a very cozy way though, which is a great example of making an average kitchen look stylish and inviting.

    I love the round dining table with the pedant hanging above it. The round shape fits perfectly in this space and gives this room a lot of character.

    via Alvhem

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    Montana furniture in my home office


    Ever since I quit my day job about three years ago and started to work full-time on my blog and art prints, work hasn’t felt like work anymore. I love what I do and couldn’t be more grateful to be allowed to do this all year round. Even though I love what I do, I still work long days and most of these days are spend in front of my computer. I try to take breaks ever so often and go to the gym daily, but I can feel that being seated in front of the computer for such long stretches of time starts to take its toll on my back.

    Things changed completely though ever since I got the Montana furniture HiLow 2 work desk, which is adjustable in height. I’m actually standing at my work desk as we speak, while writing this article. I love the fact that I can alternate between sitting and standing and am switching all day long. The little automatic switch (which you can see in the last picture) makes it so easy to make the desk higher or lower and it just moves with you as you stand up or sit down. 

    While I’m sitting down I often get tired and I notice that my attention span reduces. When I switch to a standing position, It feels like I get new energy and I notice I’m way more efficient in completing the tasks I have to do. When I get tired from standing, I just lower the desk again and sit down for a while.

    The Hilow 2 work desk is fully customisable and all cables are hidden in a cable tray underneath the table top. I chose to include a built in socket on the table top itself so I can easily plug and unplug my phone and laptop. The work desk is connected with a single plug into the wall socket and you don’t have to worry about any cables being caught behind something when moving the desk up and down.

    Next to the desk, I also placed a Montana System drawer element in the color Latte. While the desk is clean and white, I love the soft color combination with the beige of the drawers and it’s so great to keep all the little things that would otherwise crowd my desk. 

    This blogpost was created in collaboration with Montana Furniture, however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like to know more about Montana Furniture, you can visit their website or take a look at the stylish examples on their Instagram and Pinterest. 



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