Small space living

SFDCFE6389DC4914DBF813D96CB286EBA5BSFD0C32C0CC706A4071B4A428730FCC27A2SFD4B55228BA59C4D17926A68C2CD049BB2SFD6C1EF7AA714A41EEB30944820A9D1252SFD7C10695CE07C477AA2790588E64E96EASFD36ADD593389142D1AA9B15B41E28088ESFD78C14A48E57D4505A32B497825494B2DSFD89D8A3E7F45E46F688541B92E698C9DFSFDA237B04D051E49DB86F3B75F5D6C581FSFDA855CA4CCF1F4E40BF5A206D7CB82C44SFDC29B7247E15449AA9A801947D6B7C56D SFDE613FF000B864C7C8B4F99C6D26B9F98 SFDFF1423930C8C465D86E36BFC134E3900I love it when small spaces are used in a smart way to create as much space as possible. The ‘bedroom’ in this apartment for example takes only a small part of the space (how much space does one need to sleep really), while the kitchen on the other hand is made into a spacious room for gatherings. To me those are the right priorities. I also love the window sill that has turned into a bench. I could already imagine myself drinking coffee there.

via Stadshem


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11 Responses to Small space living

  1. Michael says:

    What a beautiful space for living. White with wooden details! And that SMEG fridge <3. And the best of all is the small space for reading at the window, I see myself siting there, covered with blanket, in one hand hot milk with cocoa and in the other hand my favorite book.
    Thanks for this morning inspiration ^_^
    I wish you great day,
    Michael / facebook

  2. Hanh says:

    Super cute rooms!

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  4. Ola says:

    Love it. I’ve roposted these photos. Don’t you know what is the name of the brass lamp?

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  6. Kris says:

    Nicely done. I’m curious about the floating sideboard. Was that a purchased item, or a custom piece?


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