13 Responses to Butterfly chair on fishbone flooring

  1. Victor Van den Brink says:

    Hello. Where I can get that type of shelving that appears in the third photo? I like a lot and looks very practical for my small apartment. Can you give me some idea for where I can find or how I can do it? Thanks.

  2. Helene says:

    I love your website and I love all the appartments style!
    It’s not the first time that I see that type of wall-mounted bookcase on your site and I was wondering where i can find one like that.
    Maybe you can help me.
    Thanks a lot :)


  3. Monica says:

    I love it too.

  4. Michel says:

    very nice apartment! I love the coffee table, it fits perfectly to the butterfly chair. May I ask where I can find it?
    Many thanks!
    Keep up this excellent blog

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Michel, I’ve never seen this one before either, sorry. And I’m happy to hear you like my blog !

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  6. Ines says:

    Hi! I love the dinning table and black chairs! Where can I buy them??


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