Our kitchen

Our kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.com
Our kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.comOur kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.comOur kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.comOur kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.comOur kitchen - via cocolapinedesign.com

As promised in Tuesdays blogpost, here are some more pictures of our new kitchen. There are a few details left to be finished, but we can already make dinner and eat it at the kitchen table which I’m enjoying so much.

We chose a basic Ikea kitchen base, which we upgraded with the holy wafer handles in brass from Superfront. I knew for a really long time already that if I would ever build a kitchen I would like to use those handles and I’m really happy with the result. I like how they pop out against the grey and black of the fronts and worktop. I love the possibilities Superfront offers to upgrade Ikea cabinets and kitchens and takes a basic Ikea kitchen to something special and noteworthy.

We live in an old building that was renovated before we moved in and in the kitchen there is still an original built in closet. This gave us a lot of storage space already, which is why we chose to only build lower cabinets on both sides of the room. I like how light this looks, even though there is a big black surface on top of the cabinets. Now I still need to find an exhaust solution and a backdrop and then this project is all done. Any ideas ?


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  1. What a beautiful kitchen! I love the variety of grey tones and the sleek lines. And the brass handles are stunning x

  2. TeninDvr says:

    That’s a lovely kitchen, the brass handles look great !

    Have a lovely day 🙂


  3. Andrea says:

    Beautiful kitchen! I love the countertops…what is the material?

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Andrea, we stained a wood black ourselves and gave it 1000 coatings of matt varnish…but I can’t recommend it, it’s quite prone to scratches !

  4. Nicolas says:

    You made a really nice work, you kitchen is very stylish.
    We’re planning to use the same handles in copper on our Veddinge white kitchen.

    Can you tell me the thickness of your top ? 28mm ?
    Thank you a lot !

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Nicolas, yes I think it’s 28mm indeed. Copper on Veddinge fronts sounds very pretty as well ! Just be careful when buying the top that the appliances are made for it. Our cooktop and sink required a top of ticker then 25mm for example. Good luck !

  5. Zarinah says:

    It’s Perfect! So beautiful! Your post inspire me every day

  6. jenaly says:

    Wow, such a beautiful home you have. I love it.


  7. Leanne says:

    It’s a lovely kitchen! Can you tell me what the counter is? It looks like Corian to me? Thank you 🙂

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Leanne, we stained a wood black ourselves and gave it 1000 coatings of matt varnish…but I can’t recommend it, it’s quite prone to scratches !

  8. Dan says:

    Wonderful kitchen! Are the the cabinet fronts also standard ikea? If so, how did you paint and treat? If not, can you share material and paint info. It’s a remarkable kitchen.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I am loving this, and am considering the same combination myself (although I am also contemplating the grey Illusion fronts from Superfront… so, so gorgeous!) 🙂 I think these handles are so beautiful – I’m just wondering if they are easy to grip and pull the drawers out?

    Thanks for all the inspiration on your lovely blog 🙂

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Elizabeth, these illusion fronts are so so beautiful, you will have a super pretty kitchen 😉 The handles are very easy to pull out, the grip area is big enough 😉 The only thing you have to know is that the brass will get stained over time (like brass naturally does), but to me that only gives them more character 😉 Thanks for your kind words about the blog ! – Sarah

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks so much for getting back to me 🙂 And yes, the staining just gives them a lovely patina – I think I’ll go for it 🙂

      • Kia Rose Egebæk says:

        Hi, I have been in love with these Holy Wafer handles since I was them for the first time, but I dont think they look that pretty when they are on the other side – like on an integrated fridge or a tall cabinet. You you have them on a fridge also? Kind regards Kia

        • cocolapine says:

          Hi Kia,
          In only have them like you see them in the pictures, on drawers horizontally. I have seen them horizontally on a fridge door as well though. Then the wafer is placed on the bottom and it points the other direction. Another option would be to use the brass handles in another design, they combine with the brass Wafers I find (when it’s just one door).

  10. Sandra Eriksson says:

    Hello! I was just wondering where the faucet is from? 🙂
    Beautiful kitchen!


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  13. Marijn says:

    This is great. 🙂
    Is the sideboard also veddinge grey or from superfront?
    Hope to hear from you.



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  15. kwaugh46 says:

    Hi, love your kitchen. I was just wondering whatbrand your cooker & stovetop is? Thanks!

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