4 Responses to Living room in beige

  1. Beige is hard to present to clients. The name conjures up thoughts of beiing boring with our younger clients and too safe to seasoned clients. These photos are a good example that to successfully use a neutral wall color, the furnishings are so important. -Laurel Bledsoe

    • cocolapine says:

      Beige has a negative connotation indeed, but examples like these should change some mindsets 😉

      • susan yoder says:

        Just do what the paint companies do to make a color comeback. Tell your clients its “toasted marshmallow” or something exotic. They may just love it then, tell them it’s all the rage, people can’t get enough of it…lol. Personally I love beige, never cared for the gray colors, too cold and dreary especially living below Lake Michigan where the sun seldom shines.

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