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Comfort with Bosch Smart Home - via Coco Lapine Design blogComfort with Bosch Smart HomeComfort with Bosch Smart Home - via Coco Lapine Design blog

Last week I told you all about my collaboration with Bosch Smart Home to make our home safer and to add a sense of security while we are not at home. Another great feature though of these integrated smart devices is that they can help you make your home more comfortable.

We installed the Twinguard Smoke Detector in our bedroom. Other then the expected functionality of warning for a potential fire, it also measures the air quality and temperature of a space. On the Twinguard app, we can check the air purity, humidity and temperature which I find important in the bedroom especially.

Since we live in an old building, there is no central thermostat that allows us to keep the entire apartment on a constant temperature. We’ve installed the Heating starter kit on our heaters directly and now I can set a constant temperature on every heater so that I don’t have to keep turning the knobs all the time to adjust. I can easily control the heat in every room individually from the Smart Home App and program the temperature to go down while we are travelling or during the night. In the bathroom, where we frequently have the window open to reduce humidity, we installed both a thermostat and a Door/Window Contact and programmed it so that every time the window is open, the heater will be turned off automatically to save energy. You can also use the contact on the front door for example, to warn for a potential burglary.

We have been trying out the Bosch Smart Home system for a few weeks in our home now and love the multifunctional purposes for the different devices. In our bedroom for example, we have the thermostat to manage the temperature, the Twinguard smoke detector to warn us in case of danger and to manage the air quality and we have smart plugs that control the different light sources. All of them can be managed from within the Bosch Smart Home app, but I also have the Flex Universal Switch next to my bed, which I programmed and personalised into the ‘go to sleep’ mode as I like to call it. When I press the battery powered switch, all lights connected to the smart plugs will switch off, and the temperature will go down to one that’s comfortable while sleeping. No need to get out of bed anymore. We installed a Universal switch at our front door as well, which we programmed to turn off all lights, turn on the Camera and lower the temperature to save energy.

If you would like to know more about the Bosch Smart Home products and everything you can do to make your home safe, comfortable and smart, you can visit the Bosch Smart Home page.

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