Sophisticated turn of the century apartment

I like the look of this spacious turn of the century apartment with gorgeous architectural details. The living room has enough space to include both a large dining table and a big sofa area, which are visually separated by an area rug.

The bedroom looks very nice as well and has space for a small desk in front of the window. I like the combination of the minimal black desk, with the pink upholstered chair and the palm tree – such a nice look.

via Alexander White

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    5 Responses to Sophisticated turn of the century apartment

    1. Mie Jensen says:

      Wow nogle vilde billeder! Elsker lyset, omend jeg er noget mere girly i min stil! Har forelsket mig lidt i den grå seng, er der mon et sted jeg kan finde ud af hvor den er fra? Den passer perfekt sammen med et sengesæt jeg netop har købt 🙂

    2. Maggie says:

      I have been in the artisan furniture production business for the past twenty years and I just love reading articles like this as I see our designs come to life in a private setting. Just wonderful to see.

    3. Love it! What brand is the sofa,please?

    4. Tom Field says:

      A really calm and relaxed decor, helped by some great furniture choices. The overall style seems to have a number of influences, which is interesting.

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