Lassen chair in new finishes

The Lassen Chair is an ode to architects the Lassen brothers, who had an uncompromising approach and special feel for detail, quality and form. The chair combines Flemming Lassen’s love of organic, wavy, unconventional silhouettes, with Mogens Lassen’s sense of stringent contours and will be available in a few new darker finishes (including a leather version) as part of the Autumn winter 2018 catalog.

The design of the chair is amazing and it looks very comfy but I’m especially inspired by the clean and fresh catalog pictures as well.

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    1. Dolors says:

      Hello Sarah, I understand that this post is about these fantastic chairs, but do you have, please, any information about those wonderful heads / busts? … I have loved them!

    2. Hey Sarah – thanks for the amazing inspiration with this one!

      I also love the clean interior designs on those images – that dining room simply looks great.

      Looking forward to more of this.


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