Modern kitchen in a historic building

This latest project by Nordiska Kök looks absolutely amazing if you ask me. This modern style kitchen with cabinets in dark stained oak and a limestone countertop contrast perfectly with this historical Gothenburg building, built in 1894, in French Chateau style.

I love that the design is visually split into two parts, the wood on the bottom and the limestone and grey surface treatment on the top half of the kitchen.

Styling by Sundling Kickén, photographed by Osman Tahir 

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    2 Responses to Modern kitchen in a historic building

    1. Wow, What a gorgeous kitchen you have. You should feel proud of yourself. You did a great job. I will must update my kitchen like yours when I am going to update my kitchen. Already bookmark this site for future reference. Thanks for the sharing this with all of us.

      • cocolapine says:

        Hi Peter, this is not my kitchen, but I’m happy to hear you find it inspiring too !

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