Cozy kitchen with a vintage dining table


How amazingly cozy and inviting does this kitchen look ? The all grey kitchen cabinets, combined with the marble counter top and the white tiling on the wall has a rather minimal and fresh look.

The vintage dining table, dining chairs and storage unit on the other side of the kitchen look more rustic on the other hand. This combination works really nicely in this room and to top everything off the accessories are so on point as well.

via Historiska Hem

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Corian Moodboard Maker (ad)


this is a paid advertorial with Corian® Design.

I’m sure many of you know Corian® Design from their beautiful countertop materials. Their portfolio includes solid surface as well as quartz materials in over 100 different colours and patterns. But did you know that it’s also a source of inspiration for architects, designers, and homeowners around the world? They believe that when designing a space, you’re not just putting a room together. Rather you are combining materials, textures, furniture and accessories to tell a story about who you are and what matters to you. These characterful additions and personal touches are what makes a house a home in my opinion as well, so I couldn’t agree more with their vision.

Corian® Design invited me to try out their Moodboard Maker: an online tool that allows designers and homeowners to create a unique inspiration board for a room that not only serves as a collection of reference textures, colors, patterns and materials, but also becomes a unique, personalized piece of art that can be shared, saved or printed and framed.

I decided to create a moodboard for my kitchen. To start making the moodboard, you first pick one of the styles that most represents you (you can pick from Organic, Minimal, Relaxed, Modern, Refined, Bohemian or Edgy). I picked the Minimal style, as this matches my kitchen interior the most. Then you fill the shapes with a Corian® swatch – my favorite countertop material in the kitchen would be a deep black – like Corian® Solid Surface in Deep Night Sky – so I used this as the basis for my kitchen moodboard. And lastly you can add any other images, patterns or textures you like. I added some of the beige, grey and green inspirational images to the board which fit nicely in the color palette and additionally went with some images of my favorite linen textiles as I think these pieces are crucial to finish the look.

For making any interior plans it’s always good to start out with the elements in a room that you currently like. I’m very happy with the contrasting black and grey, combined with plants, oak wood and different textiles like in the second picture I shot a little while ago. It would be great if I can extend this look to the entire room and that’s what I’ve based my moodboard on. Seeing these beautiful textures together makes me think about adding a different color of linen curtains and oak chairs to the dining area in our kitchen. A black table might also extend the look that I have going on and like so much on our kitchen counter.

The finished moodboard can be saved to your camera roll, shared with your friends on social media or you can order a framed print of it for your home. I think this is such a fun way to think about a room and it encourages you to make things personal and think outside the box. If you would like to try your own moodboard, go have a look at the Moodboard Maker yourself.



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Cozy home with great accessories


Those of you who have read my blogposts in the past might know that I’m a big fan of interiors that look personal and have a certain character to them. This home is such a great example of this uniqueness that can sometimes lack in a very clean and and sterile interior and I love the way it has been personalised with vintage pieces, prints and accessories.

The vintage desk fits so well in the living room next to the sofa and daybed and I think this corner next to the window is the ideal place for it. The different vintage chairs combined at the dining table work great together as well and I love the overall soft and warm color palette that comes back in every single room and corner.

Photography by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance Makleri

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    be&liv Peony lamp giveaway


    I love the effect a light fixture can have in a room. It can define the mood and atmosphere of a space when on or off and can add character to the interior. I was asked by Finnish design brand be&liv to try out their Peony lamp and I couldn’t be more happy with the contrasting effect it has in our bedroom.

    be&liv – founded in Helsinki in 2012 – aim to bring the poetry back to everyday life with their beautifully engineered design products. Every detail is thought-through to offer the highest quality contemporary design.

    The Peony lamp came flat packed and all the components are of the best quality Finnish aircraft plywood. It was such a fun project to puzzle the plywood pieces together and to see the lamp come to live ! No tools or special equipment needed. The design comes in a black and white version, which are both equally pretty but I love the contrast that the black plywood adds to our otherwise light bedroom. You can see the grain of the wood through the black color, which is a nice touch as well.

    Also, be&liv were so kind to give away one Peony lamp in the color of choice to a lucky winner. All you have to do is place a comment below and let us know where you would like to hang the Peony lamp. Winners will be announced next Sunday in this blogpost.

    This blogpost was created in collaboration with be&liv, however all opinions are my own of course. If you would like to know more about the brand and their designs, go visit their website.

    Update: the giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Ruthie, you are the winner of the Peony lamp and will be informed by email.

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    Stelton EM77 electric kettle


    Danish design company Stelton just released another member of their iconic EM77 series designed by Erik Magnussen 40 years ago: a water kettle. I love the look of the EM77 vacuum jug and couldn’t be more excited about this kettle version. It’s just so difficult to find a pretty one isn’t it ?

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    Home in beige


    This apartment is almost entirely covered with beige paint and it has such a warming effect to the rooms. The living room is painted in a warmer and darker beige, while the bedroom has a lighter and slightly more grey tint.

    I like that you can see the different paint coming through from the other room. The decoration and furniture is kept in the same color palette and is rather minimal.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Annie Hyrefeldt for Alvhem

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