Dining room with an impressive art wall


I think having a room solely for the purpose of dining is already a luxury today. In a smaller city apartment you just can’t afford to have a room only for this and usually the dining table becomes part of the kitchen or living room. This room looks very impressive nevertheless and I love the massive art wall that has been created over the entire width of the space.

The dining table itself is the HAY loop stand table*, which combines so nicely with the black Thonet bentwood chairs*. I love the grasses as well which are spread over the three vases, which give the room a subtile spring look. I’m not at all tired of the pampas and grass trend, are you ?

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

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    Beautiful nude pink living room


    Even though the pink walls in this gorgeous living room are more of a beige tone and pretty muted, I still think it’s quite a daring color and you have to be slightly brave. It looks absolutely impressive in this home though !  The overall look of this room is very warm and inviting, yet still very light, fresh and airy.

    The art wall in tints of beige stands out very nicely against the nude pink walls and is combined for a warmer look with an Ikea sofa customised with a warm grey linen Bemz slip cover*. The white linen pillow covers (which you can buy here* for example) really stand out in this look as well.

    The beige area rug (which is the Kolong rug from Urbanara*) makes the entire look a lit lighter and adds a bit more texture to the room. The overall color palette works so nicely in this room. I admire people that dare to work with color and I wish I was more brave to experiment with it as well.

    Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

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    Favorite living room corner


    Curtains are still missing here, but this is my favorite corner in my living room currently. I love changing the decor on the side table here and this area just gets so much sunlight it’s also where my plants work nicely.

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    Fresh yet slightly moody living room


    This living room looks both fresh and moody at the same time, which is the sweet spot if you ask me, yet so difficult to achieve. The wall to wall and ceiling to floor curtains help a lot with achieving this look and dimming the sunlight a little. The fabric sofa and area rug give the room a very soft look and the lighter furniture pieces combined with green plants add a fresh touch to the space.

    The round dining table with the CH24 wishbone chairs in black* on the other side of the room work very nicely there as well and I love the addition of the art piece against the wall which adds a subtile touch of color.

    Styling by Intro Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

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    Small dining table corner


    Everything comes together so nicely in this small dining table corner. The vintage table and chairs, the fresh flowers, the art wall and the antique candle holder – all such characterful items that make this place interesting.

    You can’t see it very well in these images, but a carpet was placed underneath the table as well, which creates the illusion that the table has it’s own area in the kitchen and it must be so soft when you have your coffee in the morning as well.

    via Entrance Makleri

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    Coffee cup collection extended


    Having a coffee addiction is something I need to work on (at least to reduce the amount to just two cups would be nice) but it does give me the oportunity to shop for the cutest coffee essentials like this cute HAY porcelain cup and saucer*. I love collecting coffee cups and really enjoy drinking my coffee in something different every day. It makes drinking a hot beverage more like a ritual and something to really enjoy.

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    Cozy living room with greige walls


    There are so many things to like in this large, cozy living room. The high ceilings and large windows are very beautiful and let in so much light. The walls are painted in a subtile greige tint, which makes the white elements in this interior stand out very nicely.

    I love the round dining table combined with the black Thonet bentwood chairs*. This round element comes back in the coffee table as well and the area rug divides the sofa area from the rest of the space.

    Styling by ByBon, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

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    Current office situation


    A few weeks ago I got so proud about hanging up the pinboard in my office all by myself only to find out a few days later (when spring weather hit Munich) that it would be way too much of a sunny spot to get any work done in summer. I had to move my desk to the other side of the room, where it works nice as well. I wonder how long it will take me to move my Ferm Living pinboard* this time. It just works so well above my desk and I love just looking up to see my task list or inspiration board.


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    Minimal living room decor


    I admire minimal interiors like this one and even though I sometimes wonder where all the stuff is (I wish this wasn’t the case, but I have way more stuff in my life) – I do find it so inspiring and calming to look at.

    The sofa element stands out to me the most in this living room and this is a piece that just wouldn’t work if the room wasn’t this minimal. I also really like the large fiddle fig tree in the corner. Such a statement plant.

    via Nomad Makleri

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    Eufy RoboVac


    Spring is around the corner and I’m getting the spring cleaning bug already. I just moved into this apartment and it has just been renovated, so I don’t need to deep clean but it can use some serious organisation and decluttering already.

    It got to try out the Eufy RoboVac 30c* and this little robot really helps me to keep my floors clean all the time. I hate it when I spend time vacuuming and the next day I can see dust.  I can program it with my phone and set cleaning times whenever I’m out of the door, so easy !

    If you are thinking about getting a little helper for spring cleaning as well, Eufy is having a 15% discount on their website* only until tonight !

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