Slow living

Slow living - via Slow living - via Slow living - via Slow living - via Kaffe1639The title of these series of pictures styled by Gitte Christensen and photographed by Pia Winther is ‘Slow living’ and thats exactly what these pictures inspire me to do. I would really like to have a weekend of enjoying coffee and slowing things down. Beautiful how this moment is captured in these photographs.


De titel van deze foto serie gestyled door Gitte Christensen en gefotografeerd door Pia Winther is ‘Slow living’ – iets wat ik graag dit weekend zou toepassen. Een rustig en traag weekend, slurpend van een kopje koffie eventjes tot rust komen. Hoe mooi toch hoe net die moment is vastgelegd op de foto’s.


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  1. Alessia says:

    Good morning!!
    Given that I really like your blog, I nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD!
    Find it all on my blog! If you must answer the questions!
    At soon, Alessia

  2. El ritual del cafe, qué maravilla sin olvidarnos del exquisito olor.

    • cocolapine says:

      The smell is amazing indeed ! I can really smell it just by looking at the pictures 😉

  3. Absolutely love these beautiful photos.

    X O


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