Normann Copenhagen giveaway

Normann Copenhagen Geo set giveaway - cocolapinedesign.comNormann Copenhagen Geo set giveaway - cocolapinedesign.comNormann Copenhagen Geo set giveaway - Normann Copenhagen Geo set giveaway - Normann Copenhagen Geo set giveaway - cocolapinedesign.comThere still a long winter time ahead of us (at least here in Berlin it has been quite a mild winter for now) but I’m already very much looking forward to spring. As much as I like winter decorations, I get pretty excited about some colored items at home when spring is around the corner.

You already saw the Normann Copenhagen Buk legs in our dining room before, which now I paired up with a tin white plywood top. I like how this way all the attention goes to the beautifully crafted wood legs.

On top of the table you can see the Geo set in soft pink, which is a dream come true for coffee lovers like us. I’m always a little careful with colors in our home, but these soft pink and nude tones are so delicate and subtle. I had been looking for a thermos for keeping coffee and tea during the day, but never found one that was worth leaving on the table as a decorative item like this one. Now Normann introduced storage jars, a milk jug and a tray to the Geo collection and I’m very happy to announce that I have teamed up with them for a giveaway. Now you can win a Geo Milk Jug, Sugar bowl, tray and Vacuum Jug for your home as well.

All you have to do to make a chance at winning this lovely set is visit the Normann Copenhagen website and add a comment to this blogpost with the color combination you’d like to win. The giveaway will run until midnight this Sunday (Berlin time) and the winner will be announced on Monday morning next week. Good luck to you all !




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154 Responses to Normann Copenhagen giveaway

  1. Tiene says:

    Of course I’d choose soft pink ♥ My newest addiction ! I love to add dashes of pink to my black/white/wood interior.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Axelle says:

    It’s been months that I’m drooling on this Geo set! I’d love to win the white one 🙂

    Thanks for this contest !

  3. Jennifer Dhont says:

    Na een uur (ja écht een uur) de kleurtjes te kiezen (they’re al so prettyyyy! 🙂 ) ben ik er eindelijk uit… denk ik.
    Die set is echt super mooi. Past ook perfect in je keuken die ik ook meteen zou willen “copy-pasten” naar mijn eigen appartement. 🙂

    milk jug & sugar bowl: mint
    tray: frost
    vacuum flask: white

    Prettige werkweek!


  4. heidi Hänninen says:

    Mint is so beautiful

  5. Astrid says:

    I’ll keep fingers crossed until next Monday hoping for the white one!

  6. Olivia says:

    I ADORE the geo in the red… Couldn’t think of a better way to pour my morning cuppa, than from a firey red Normann Copenhagen jug. Perfection!

  7. Kristien Gillis says:

    Living with 2 brothers from other mothers for a nice long year, after a year of restyling a man cave and learning to lobby for candles and pillows but having great fun while doing it, the time has come for us to all go and buy our own apartments.
    New beginnings, so of course I would love to win these very very pretty objects to give this new adventure a kick start!

    If I would be selected (please pretty please),
    I would love the nude frost combination.

    Thank you for this chance and the entire blog!

  8. Luna van Gils says:

    These products are absolutaley lovely! I too have been looking for something like this for a long time. But I would go for more contrast.
    Tray and Vacuum Jug in black and milk jag and sugar bowl in nude with black.
    Now fingers crossed!

    Thank you!

  9. Tia says:

    They are all so pretty! <3 I would love to have them all in white/frost/nude shades.

  10. Michelle says:

    This is sooooooo pretty!
    I would love to have the: Milk Jug in Frost, The Sugar Bowl in Mint/Frost, Geo Tray in Frost, The Vacuum Flask in White.

  11. Suzi says:

    Oh, I’d love the white one. Thank you for this opportunity!

  12. Chiara says:

    What a wonderful surprise!
    I’d really love to win this set, it would be so nice on my white and grey cupboard!
    The combination I prefer is white Jug and Tray, nude Sugar bowl and white Milk jug.
    Thanks for the opportunity and fingers crossed! 😉


  13. What beautifully styled pictures! I was so fortunate to visit Normann Copenhagen in its name sake city last year, I just loved it! For a tea lover like myself this would be the ultimate, the nude scheme would fit beautifully in the colour tones of my home which features greys, whites, nude leathers and elements of blush.

  14. Alessandra Dina Porta says:

    Good morning!! I adore the black one and I hope to win it!!! Good luck!!

  15. Stephnie says:

    All minty please, except for the Geo Vacuum which should be purple.

  16. The soft white set is perfect!

  17. Majka says:

    Perfect pictures of perfect set! I love it.
    I like milk jug and tray in frost, sugar bowl in nude/frost and vacuum jug in white.
    Thank you for great giveaway 🙂

  18. Michael says:

    Thank you for the chance to win ^_^
    I am huge fan of black and white, so I vote for the frost/black set =)
    My mail is

    I wish you beautiful Monday,

  19. Anu says:

    Lovely giveaway! Nude and white are my favourites!

  20. nancy dexters says:

    Oooh, de zoektocht naar een mooie thermos! Eindeloos is hij. Of toch niet? Feit is dat ik al jaren op zoek ben naar een thermos die ik tijdens feestjes/visite/…. op tafel durf te laten staan. 🙂 En dan nog zo’n mooie melk-suiker-set erbij, de moeite waard om mijn kans te wagen.

    Melkpotje: frost
    Suikerpotje: mint/frost
    Dienblad: mint
    Thermos: turquoise (want dat is zo mooi zomers en kan perfect met ijsthee mee naar het terras!)

    Succes aan mezelf en de andere deelnemers!

  21. Currently in the midst of moving out on my own and this set is just the perfect thing to make me and my home happy! I’m in love with mint and white so I’d go for the mint and frost color combinations!

  22. Anja F says:

    Great giveaway!
    I would love the vacuum jug in white
    Tray: frost
    Milk jug: frost
    Sugar bowl: blush/frost

  23. Noortje says:

    Wauw wat een pracht set. Mijn eerste 4 witte keramische kopjes van Serax zouden perfect passen bij de nude met witte items.

    Bedankt voor deze wedstrijd.

  24. Linda says:

    I love Normann Copenhagen’s Geo family! What a treat! If only I’d be so lucky, I would love the set in the following colors:
    Geo Milk Jug: frost
    Sugar bowl: blush/frost
    Tray: frost
    Vacuum Jug: white/blush

  25. Veera says:

    Oh, they are so lovely!

    My combination would be:
    Milk Jug: mint
    Sugar bowl: mint/frost
    tray: frost
    Vacuum Jug: white

  26. Kit Hall says:

    Such a beautiful giveaway!

    I could see a black vacuum jug, frost tray, frost milk jug and frost/black sugar bowl looking lovely in my kitchen, not to mention bringing added style to our morning coffee ritual!

    Thanks Sarah, I hope Berlin stays mild for you.

  27. Marta says:

    Let’s go for it and be colorful:
    Geo vacuum flask in red!!
    Geo Milk Jug frost in mint!
    Geo Suger Bowl mint/frost!
    Geo Tray in frost!!

    fingers crost 🙂

  28. Marta says:

    ok let’s go for it:
    vacuum jug in red!!
    Tray in frost!
    Milk jug in frost!
    Sugar bowl in mint/frost!

    fingers crost 🙂

  29. Pauline Le Dao says:

    I just love the design of the thermos set. Norman Copenhagen has done it again. I live in The UK and have been following your blog for some time now. Keep up the great work.
    Should I be lucky enough to win it I would love the mint and frost combination.


  30. Oeh wat is je tafel prachtig Sarah 🙂 Fantastische give away ook! Ik zou heel graag de geo-set in het wit/lichtroze winnen, zoals op je foto 🙂 Liefs uit Utrecht!

  31. Sia Damaris says:

    Now that’s a nice start of the week; what a lovely giveaway!

    My favourite items are:
    the Geo Milk Jug in mint,
    the Geo Tray in frost,
    the Geo Sugar Bowl in mint/frost and the Geo Vacuum Jug in white

    …to me, they are perfect!

  32. Maria Louca says:

    Hi! I love this giveaway! I would love to get the vacuum jug in white, tray in frost, milk jug in frost and sugar bowl in blush/frost for my new apartment!!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  33. Marta Moya says:

    Hi! Such a great giveaway! I love it in black and white, and grey it´s amazing. Thank you!

  34. Eduarda Pinto says:

    Oh i really love all products from normann copenhagen! would love to win the geo set in nude white!!! thank you! all your pictures are really amazing!!! good work

  35. I would love to win this giveaway!

    Milk Jug: frost
    Jar: frost / black
    Tray: frost
    Vacuum Flask: white

  36. thomasina says:

    Beautiful items, my choice would be:
    Jug in blush, sugar bowl in blush/frost, tray in frost and the Thermos in white (or grey – can’t decide!) x

  37. Marlie says:

    Ze zijn allemaal mooi, maar ik zou het liefst de nude / white set winnen.

  38. elinevdb says:

    Just what I needed ! I’d loooove to have the combination in all white!

  39. PieterS says:

    So hard to chose between these beautiful colors… If I’d be so lucky to win this set, I would go forrr… the black and white combination!

  40. Geo vacuum flask in black, jug in frost, sugar bowl in black/frost, and trey in black. I love this give away 🙂

  41. Elizabeth L. says:

    They’re such lovely colors! I like them all but I’m such a sucker for white. Milk jug, jar, & tray in frost and vacuum flask in white please!

  42. Miss J. says:

    Chouette! Like the nude and blush colours… But I think I’ll keep praying all week to have the complete frost/white set – it will always stick to my unstable tastes ;^) Hartelijk dank!

  43. Sara says:

    Beautiful objects!
    I would love the vacuum jug in gray, black milk jug, black/frost sugar bowl and a blush tray.

    Thank you for this oppertunity!

  44. Ashton says:

    Oh my! This is wonderful and so, so kind. I quite fancy all frost/white. 🙂

  45. Angelina says:

    Wauw wat een mooie winactie!! Deze kleuren zijn ook perfect. Ik doe graag mee! ^_^

  46. Rena says:

    Oh how lovely!

    Geo Sugar Bowl | Blush and Frost
    Geo Tray | Frost
    Geo Vacuum Flask | White
    Geo Milk Jug | Nude

    Fingers crossed and good luck to all!

  47. Maria says:

    These are beautiful products indeed! I would be really happy to win the tray in frost, the jug in white, the milk jug in black and the sugar bowl in whichever colour you have in the photos you styled (I can’t really tell from Norman Copenhagen’s site whether the blush/frost or the nude/frost is closer to the colour combination of the jug).
    Thanks for the giveaway,

  48. crista says:

    Awh those are all so sweet, no matter what the colour would be! Such a lovely give away!
    My eye got caught with the white-beige combination, it’d be a timeles colour combination and would work and look good with everything, no matter what kinda use you’d have for those or what time of the year it’d be. Plus that those jugs could work as a watering can for the flowers as well, hihi, cause I’ve been looking for that for a quite some time now too. 😉

  49. Jo-Anne says:

    The set you chose is just perfect! I would love to win it with just the same colors!

  50. Sara Woodrow says:

    Hi, I found your blog today via Pinterest. Lucky me what a great blog <3<3 I would like to try my luck and I would choose the white one, same as you xoxo Hope I am allowed to compete from Sweden.

  51. Fabian says:

    Thanks so much, I love Norman Copenhagen. If I win (and I hope I will!) I would choose all four items in black (that is, black/frost in the case of the sugar bowl). Crossing my finger!

  52. Marta says:

    Wow, they are beautiful, my choice:
    Geo Sugar Bowl – mint
    Geo Tray – mint
    Geo Vacuum Flask – white
    Geo Milk Jug – blush

  53. Anna says:

    Loving it!
    I would be very happy to win the flask in white, the tray in frost, the sugar bowl and milk jug in blush.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  54. Hilary says:

    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful collection!

    The black tray with a contrasting frost milk jug, blush sugar bowl and white vacuum jug has to be my favourite combination 🙂

  55. Rita Clare says:

    I would love the nude set. A neutral colorway that I”ll never get sick of. Would love to have this set as I make my first move after college in to real life land!

  56. Meeling says:

    All so lovely!! Mint or Frost would be equally welcomed. Thank you!

  57. Kevin says:


    Geo Sugar Bowl – mint
    Geo Tray – White
    Geo Vacuum Flask – white
    Geo Milk Jug – mint

  58. Nina says:

    Beautiful <3
    I would love to win it in mint or frost.
    Thank you!

  59. Giovanni says:

    I love the mint version.

  60. Alice nedah says:

    Oh ! what a great giveaway !! 🙂
    My favorite set is the nude one

    Thank you for the post …

  61. Lisa says:

    Such a lovely giveavway. I would love a pop of color for my white dining table in the form of the purple tray combined with frost.

  62. Simona says:

    They’re gorgeous! I like them really an lot! My favourite items are: Milk jug, jar, & tray in frost and vacuum flask in white. Thank you for introducing these to us! Have a nice day! Simona

  63. I would really love a chance to win the white/frost colour. Do tell me what that gorgeous print on the wall is too…

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for participating 🙂 The print on the wall is the Mountain ABC, designed by me and it’s available at

  64. Karianne says:

    Mooi product! de kleurencombinatie op de foto is perfect! Met deze set smaakt m’n koffie denk ik nog beter 🙂

  65. I love Normann Copenhagen products! We already have Norm 12 hanging over the dining table, Geo tray iin frost together with sugar bowl in mint/frost, milk jug in frost and vacuum jug in white/blush would be perfect! Thanks for inspiring blog 🙂

  66. un23 ilaria says:

    there are so many comments I wonder if I have any chance of winning but let’s stay positive 😉 I love this set and my favourite colour is by far the one you have. White and pink, such a delicate and subtle combination. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Have a lovely day Sarah!

  67. Alena says:

    Ahh, such a great giveaway! I would have to choose:

    Milk Jug in frost
    Sugar Bowl in black/frost
    Tray in black
    Vacuum Jug in black

    Crossing my fingers twice!

  68. anzelika says:

    Wow! Thats a dream the white/ nude.

  69. Merike Liiva says:

    white set is so beatiful, love to win that, fingers crossed.

  70. Karin says:

    Coudn’t agree more on all thermo’s being an eyesore. I Love the shape and color of this one <3 My favorite color combo is this:
    Milk jug in Frost
    sugar bowl in Nude
    Jug in White
    Tray in Blush

    Holding my breath till monday!

  71. Missy Bucher says:

    I would choose the Milk Jug in black, Sugar Bowl in nude/frost, the tray in black, and the Vacuum Jug in white!

  72. sasa says:

    hello there
    i just checked the website of normann copenhagen products and they are all amazing, wonderfully shaped and designed!
    if i could pick from colours of set, it would be definitelly same as you, blush/ blush/ white

  73. Aurélie says:

    Oh god what a beautifull giveaway and what a beautifull product!! I’m completly in love with the same color as your! Really! A perfect combination ! And now fingers crossed!!! Thank you for this giveaway 🙂

  74. Sasha says:

    Wow! These are all so beautiful, what a hard decision. I would choose the milk jug in mint/ frost, sugar bowl in nude/ frost and the vacuum jug in white <3 They're all gorgeous though! Hopefully I can enter, sending love from Australia X

  75. Karin says:

    Wow, ein superschönes Set. Ich wähle für den sugar bowl nude/frost, für den milk jug frost, für den tray frost und für den vacuum jug white.

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin

  76. Lucy Knight says:

    Mint mint mint! So schön!

  77. Bonnie says:

    Incredible products! Love the white set.

  78. Vivian says:

    Love this for our new home that we are going to rebuild this spring, and especially love the grey, black and whites..!

  79. Ayleen says:

    Oh wow how nice!

    I would like to have it just the way you did.

    Milk Jug – blush
    Sugar Bowl – blush/frost
    Tray – frost
    Vacuum Jug – white (blush)

    This is a really nice giveaway, so good luck to me 😀

  80. Na.hili says:

    wow. Found your gorgeous blog trough Pinterest and in love with these for quiete a while. Receiving the Normanncopenhagen newsletter I know my hearth is set for the white ones!

    Jug – white
    Milk jug – white
    Tray – blush
    Bowl – blush & frost

    Sending best wishes trough berlin

  81. Eva Ruiter says:

    Oh wow! I think l love all design by normann copenhagen. This set would look great in my new mint/white/grey coloured kitchen!

    Milk Jug – blush
    Sugar Bowl – blush/frost
    Tray – frost
    Vacuum Jug – white (blush)


  82. jessica king says:

    Im such a sucker for blush and gold and the frost really sets ut off! Beautiful!

  83. KarenL says:

    I like the Geo in frost! So beautiful!

  84. Émilie RITEA says:

    White is white for me! Thanks! Cheers from California

  85. Nada El says:

    Hi Normann Copenhagen ! I dont give shit about colour (im colour blind…oooh ) and i really love shapes so i must have it !
    The chosen one 🙂

  86. Jane says:

    What a lovely prize! I have to say I do the love the grey colour way most of all.

  87. Absolutely “yes!” to the white and soft pink colour-way. I decided in autumn last year to bring in soft shades of pink into our home to break up the monochrome a little and I’m completely in love with it. Crossing everything I can! x

  88. Not sure if my last comment made it through, but would love the pink and white colour way. I started introducing soft pinks into our home last year of soften the monochrome a little and I love it so much! We celebrate 10 years together next week, my husband and I, so celebrating with this beautiful set over breakfast would be wonderful! Fingers crossed! x

  89. Amy H-J says:

    Bea-u-tiful! I like all the colours but think the Jug in white – sugarbowl in blush and Milk jug in blush would make a lovely combo.

    Thanks. Amy

  90. Jana says:

    I´d choose mint or soft pink, I love both so much. Thank you! Have a nice day…

  91. Tamara says:

    Beautiful products by Norman Copenhagen. I just love the frost/black combination and would love to win this pretty set ♡ I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  92. Manda says:

    I would love to win the pink one! So lovely!
    Best wishes,

  93. Marielvira says:

    Lovely Giveaway !! If I would be selected,
    I would love the black- Frost combination.
    Thank you so much! for this chance and the entire blog. Xx

  94. Farzana says:

    I have been following you on instagram and ur blog for couple of months now i have to say absolutely live ur design concepts. This is an awesome giveaway as i love the simple geometric design of it. Would loveee to win this in white and dust pink 😀 pls pls pls. Love your blog 🙂

  95. Ivelina says:

    Oh, this is amazing and just on time! Renovating my kitchen and as it will be b&w, I would love the exact same pink and white mix set as pink is my fave color spot at home. Thank you!

  96. Farzana says:

    *love ur design

  97. Eleonora says:

    Love this give away! Thank you!

    Jug – white, soft pink
    Milk jug – white
    Tray – blush
    Bowl – blush & frost

  98. Laura says:

    White/pink!! So beautiful…

  99. I love your blog and Scandinavian design!
    My favourite colour combination would be
    Tray- Frost
    Vacuum jug- Black
    Milk jug- Mint
    Sugar Bowl- Mint/ Frost

    Thank-you for such a lovely competition 🙂 x

  100. Bianca says:

    I love Normann Copenhagen! The pieces are timeless and simple, just like my home. 🙂
    If I won, I would love to have the set in white/frost and pink shades. 🙂
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway and your inspiring blog!

  101. Gaby says:

    I feel like a little girl in a candy shop, picking out the colours I love the most of these beautiful products 🙂 And those are: Geo Tray Frost, Geo Vacuum White, Geo Sugar Bowl Nude/Frost and Geo Milk Jug Nude. Now fingers crossed!

  102. Kaat says:

    Loving this giveaway. Thanks, Sarah! I could use some beautiful kitchen gear on the new table… Let’s hope I can soon display these beauties:

    Milk Jug: frost
    Sugar bowl: nude/frost
    Tray: frost
    Vacuum Flask: white

  103. I’d love to have the black and white combo in the collection! Lovely giveaway!

  104. Ilona van Vliet says:

    Wat een super give away! ♡
    24 januari is het mijn 30ste verjaardag en het zou zo gaaf zijn wanneer ik deze producten met mijn feestje zou kunnen gebruiken!! Dat maakt de coffee table helemaal compleet!

    Geo Milk Jug : frost
    Geo Suger Bowl : black/frost
    Geo Tray : black
    Geo Vaccuum Jug : grey

    Thank you for this lovely give away!! Thumbs up! XO

  105. LIDIJA says:

    Nude and white 🙂 so lovely!


  106. BOŽO says:

    white and black!

  107. Hanna says:

    I love the soft pink and nude tones you have!
    Since I don’t have my own home yet, I would play safe and choose a colour scheme that would fit in in all surroundings: a white thermos, a frost milk jug, a nude/frost sugar bowl and a frost tray. Or maybe a black tray, to put in some contrast.

  108. Sabrina says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway!
    I would love the vacuum jug in white
    The milk jug in blush
    The tray in frost
    And the sugar bowl in blush/frost
    Thank you!

  109. TK Ow says:

    Your blog’s been a great source of inspiration for my sister and I, both of us pretty new to the world of design.
    We’d love a set with a mint tray and any combination of pink, nude and white.
    Thanks for this opportunity! 😀 😀

  110. I love the way you styled it! So soft pink and white, please 😉
    Luck to everyone!

  111. Jelena says:

    So pretty! I would love to have it all in white/frost combination. Thank you!

  112. ruth broide says:

    I’ll love to win the mint one!
    Color that is ready for spring!

  113. Beth says:

    Such beautiful products. My favourite colour combination would be:

    Tray in black
    Vacuum flask in white
    Milk jug in frost
    Sugar bowl in frost/ blush

    Love your blog and IG

  114. guzu says:

    I’d choose either frost/black or nude/frost combination.

  115. Sophie says:

    Oh I’d love to win this!
    The milk jug and the tray in frost, the sugar bowl in black/frost and the vacuum jug in white.
    Thank you 🙂

  116. Areti says:

    Sarah, I love your blog. You have such a great taste!

    If I would be the lucky winner, I would love the following set:

    Geo Milk Jug: mint
    Sugar bowl: mint/frost
    Tray: frost
    Vacuum Jug: white/blush

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  117. Leonie says:

    hi sarah,
    thanks for this great giveaway! i would loooooove to win everything frost/ blush and white 🙂
    btw: the pictures are beautiful – great lightning and awesome table!!!

  118. I’d love to add the white/pink one like yours to my kitchen essentials! Everything is black and white so it would be cool to have a soft pink tone. Great webshop btw, wish I had more money so I could buy all those pretty products! Xx

  119. what a great giveaway! I totally recognize your search for a perfect Thermos, pretty hard. I would love to win this Geo set, in white please. Oh and, love your photos 🙂

  120. Katharina Schima says:

    Ohhh I would choose the blush and white combinations – they would look great on my white stained table 🙂
    Thanks for this opportunity Sarah!

  121. Tineke says:

    Wat ‘n heerlijke give away, thanks! Ik duim-duim-duim voor mezelf om zo’n prachtige set te winnen 🙂
    Mijn favoriete kleur is blush, voor het melkkannetje, suikerpot en tray. In combinatie met de grijze vacuüm kan.
    liefs x

  122. Lidija says:

    the one you have ♥

  123. Judith says:

    I feel like a girl in a soft pink candy shop when looking at your styling! What a gorgeous Normann Copenhagen set! I’d love to win a red vacuum jug, mint tray, mint/frost sugar jar, blush milk jug. I’m jealous of your gorgeous table by the way! Thank you for this cool giveaway ♥

  124. Elvera says:

    Ik heb al een paar keer gekeken en nu op de valreep doe ik mee…. wat is dit toch een tijdloos mooie set! de prachtige combinatie black/frost zou echt prachtig staan… fingers crossed! happy weekend 🙂

  125. Milja says:

    Oh! What a giveaway…
    I would love to have the bowl and the milk jug in blush, the jug in white and the tray would be perfect in black. Fingers crossed!

  126. What a beautiful set! I’m in love with the pale pink and white colors. It would fit perfectly on a sundaymorning breakfast table with great smelling coffee and some home made cinnemonrolls.
    Fingers crossed for this great Normann products!

  127. Kathi says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I love the combination of white and blush 🙂 This collection is so nice and would fit perfectly into my kitchen!

  128. Marie says:

    Ohhh… damn beautiful!
    I love the mint version of the milk jug, sugar bowl and tray. And the flask in this fabulously intense red.

  129. Oliver Ashworth says:

    I really love these and I would enjoy a set in mint. If you could do that it’d be great!

  130. Paula Sullivan says:

    Ah! I’d die for this set. I absolutely love the minimalistic look of the sharp, geometric lines. The matte finish of each piece is also perfect. I love it (and basically every Normann Copenhagen product ever).

    If I could choose, I’d mix & match black, gray, & frost pieces!

    All the best,


  131. Izzy says:

    What a pretty giveaway, thanks!
    We have an aubergine and pale green color scheme for our interior, so this would look great in it:
    Milk Jug: mint
    Sugar Bowl: mint/frost
    Tray: mint
    Vacuum Jug: purple

  132. Lindsey says:

    What a beautiful giveaway! These are timeless in any colour but if I were so lucky, I’d choose the thermo in grey, the sugar bowl in black & white, and the tray and milk jug in frost.
    Monochrome perfection to complete my new home!

  133. Kathie Manuel says:

    I adore them all, the shape and style of these pieces is just gorgeous! I love the frost / white combination too as it will fit forever… regardless on seasonal or taste changes. What a great giveaway – thank you!!!!

  134. Laura says:

    oh! so nice! I wrote to Santa that I wanted the white and soft pink one but I guess he forgot 🙁 this would fit perfectly in our black and white and wooden interior! merci beaucoup!

  135. Nicolas says:

    I love hot beverage and most of it I love to see my wife happy 😉 she likes this brand; I allready bought her the block table. So this set in white and soft pink will complete her collection. Thank you.

  136. I’d love to have a white/nude combination. Beautiful!

  137. Ellinoora Snicker says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Here’s the combination for the winning set 🙂

    Milk Jug: frost
    Tray: white
    Vacuum Jug: white
    Sugar bowl: blush/frost

  138. Stefanie says:

    Hello Berlin! I’d fancy the set in white/frost/blush as on the pictures. Have a lovely Sunday!

  139. Angela Frans says:

    I would adore to win any of this lovely pieces, specially now that I am giving my first steps towards scandinavian decoration issues and this would be a great opportunity to show to my husband that clean and minimalistic lines like the ones of this collection can coexist in armony with more “traditional” pieces.

    I go for the following colors:

    Geo Vacuum Flask
    Geo Sugar Bowl
    Geo Milk Jug

    Thank you!

  140. Melina says:

    I´d love the frost/white combination 🙂

  141. Ceci says:

    I would like so much to win this combination:
    Milk Jug: nude/frost
    Sugar bowl: nude/frost
    Tray: Blush
    Vacuum jug: Red
    That would be soooo cool! Thanks!

  142. Laure says:

    Absolutely love this set!
    I would go for this combination:
    Milk Jug: frost
    Sugar bowl: nude/frost
    Tray: black
    Vacuum jug: Red

    Now off to explore the site of Normann Copenhagen, they have such beautifl things!

  143. Carol of OY! says:

    Perfect team up. I love the pink nude set, and Love everything Norman CpH does. Great luck to all!

  144. ivana says:

    White and nude!!! Love it

  145. Steffi says:

    Ik begrijp het helemaal: ik ben ook altijd een beetje argwanend om “kleurrijke” objecten in huis te halen! Maar de Geo collectie is gewoonweg prachtig en staat heel mooi bij jou op tafel!

    Kiezen tussen de kleurtjes is quasi onmogelijk maar ik zou het fan-tas-tisch vinden om de muntgroene variant in huis te hebben!

  146. Karolina says:

    I wanted to ask about the poster in the background – where can you buy it?

  147. Thea Amalie H. Rasmussen says:

    Lovely give away! I adore Normann Copenhagen and would reaaaaally LOVE to win Geo Vacuum Jug (white), Geo Suger Bowl (blush/frost), Geo Tray (frost) and Milk Jug (frost) <3

  148. Emily Akins says:

    I would love it in mint!

  149. Alice says:

    The soft pink will be perfect for summer, and the new place I’m moving into starting in June. Can’t think of a better way to start a Saturday morning–can you?

    • cocolapine says:

      Hi Alice, it’s the perfect way to start a Saturday. Unfortunately, this giveaway was hosted in the beginning of the year and is now closed. There will be more opportunities in the following months !

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