Søborg Chair by Fredericia

Søborg Chair by Fredericia - via Coco Lapine DesignSøborg Chair by Fredericia - via Coco Lapine DesignSøborg Chair by Fredericia - via Coco Lapine DesignSøborg Chair by Fredericia - via Coco Lapine Design Søborg Chair by Fredericia - via Coco Lapine Design

Fredericia strives to deliver a collection they believe to be the modern originals of tomorrow. Last month I showed you pictures of the Swoon chair, but I have also been trying out the Søborg chair designed by Børge Mogensen. This comfortable design has been moving around in our home and basically fits in everywhere.

Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) was one of the most influential designers in shaping Danish Modern design. He found inspiration all over the world in his quest to create everyday objects that would endure for generations.

The Søborg chair has a contemporary design which bridges the contrast between industrial and handcrafted solutions, along with the textural properties of solid wood, plywood and steel. Mogensen’s intention was to make a shell chair that could be produced with new machineries for that time (1950) and being a true functionalist, he believed furniture should encourage freedom of personality.

I like the combination of the light wood with the thin black metal frame, which gives the chair a graphic expression. The discrete design pairs well with other furniture in a space as well. I like the contrasting look it gives next to a soft piece like a couch, but then at the same time, when you place it with white pieces (which I did in the kitchen for example), the wooden surfaces give the space a softer look.

You can have a look on the Fredericia page to read more about Fredericia and to see the different variants of the Søborg series.

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  1. Silvia says:

    A really beautiful chair!!! I want one now :-)

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