Bedroom in blue

Bedroom in blue - via Coco Lapine Design Bedroom in blue - via Coco Lapine Design

I think blue and blue-grey are perfect colors for a bedroom. It gives the feeling of a midnight sky and the dark tints fit perfectly for a good nights sleep. I like the matching bedsheets as well, to make the look complete.

via Fantastic Frank

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4 Responses to Bedroom in blue

  1. This space is great. I find blue to be extremely calming, it is actually said to be the best color in regards to color therapy. One of my favorite reasons to decorate with blue is that several shades of blue can mesh well together.

    • cocolapine says:

      Very true Charlotte, blues match perfectly together, just like greys and they give a fresh look to a room as well 😉

  2. Blue is the perfect shade for a bedroom. So relaxing.

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