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  2. Like the canvas ideas for depth as you say. Could be a few DIY projects that offer high end results. On a side note, and a shameless plug for LBD…we have a “Guy writing a Guy’s” post in Just Throw That In The Garage” today. It’s been brought to our attention that guys like to read blogs too and need a little guy topic every so often. Point Noted!-Laurel Bledsoe

  3. Justyna Piasecka says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I draw inspiration from your blog all the time. Thank you for sharing such great interiors! Particularly, I fell in love with your nude pink kitchen cabinet, which I find both stylish and, as you said yourself, daring as well. I think that not too many people would dare have one, would they? I literally can’t stop looking at that! Could you please let me know whether this project is yours? What colour is it (NCS,REAL)?

    Justyna from Poland

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