Woud Elevate shelving in our kitchen

We have a lot of storage space in our kitchen and between the built in vintage cabinet against the wall that came with the apartment and our low kitchen cupboards we always find space to store away appliances and cooking ware. I love displaying pretty kitchen accessories and think it can make a kitchen personal and unique. There is only so much worktop area you can display plants or accessories on though so I’m very happy that the stylish new Woud Elevate shelf moved into our kitchen.

Elevate is a modular shelving system designed by Camilla Akersveen and Christopher Konings that consists out of shelves and dowels that can be assembled in an unlimited number of configurations matching your needs and taste. I have been a fan of the Woud brand and am very happy with the Töjbox and Verde mirror, which are used daily in our hallway. To establish their modern interpretation of the Scandinavian design heritage, Woud works with both upcoming design talents and established designers.

For our kitchen I picked out a configuration of a high shelving setup combined with a slightly lower part. I like this setup and how the design lowers towards our dining table. The soft oak wood looks great in contrast with our black and grey kitchen and I was so happy that no tools were needed for the assembly. I just had to screw on the dowels, place the shelving in between and that was it !

I’m using the shelving as a display for a selection of kitchen objects that are just too pretty to be hidden away and plants that get the perfect amount of light in this spot. I think it made this kitchen corner come together very nicely.

Other then the high shelving system you can see in our kitchen, this versatile system is suitable for any room or purpose and you can create any setup depending on your preference and the space you have available. You can see all available components and some examples of creative configurations on the Woud website.

This post was created in collaboration with Woud, however all words and opinions are my own.

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6 Responses to Woud Elevate shelving in our kitchen

  1. Sukhi says:

    Ich finde die Idee mit dem Regal in der Küche super und der Style passt perfekt zu dem offenen Design das du hast. Richtig super!

  2. Jack Ford says:

    That looks stunning Sarah and your pictures are beyond fantastic. Great work!

  3. Oksana says:

    SO lively, stylish and lovely ! This shelf keep ones open minded and creates space for new ideas ! Love this interior beauty 🙂

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