My living room and the grey wall color

My living room is coming together a little bit more and even though I’m sure I will be changing things around in the weeks to come I’m pretty happy with the general look and layout.

Every single time I share a picture of the grey wall I have painted, I get questions about the color I have used and I would like to take this opportunity to mention something about wall colors. First of all, I edit my pictures and even though I only use natural light and keep my picture editing to a minimum to achieve a natural look, this can make a wall color look quite different as in the picture (you can even see the difference in the two pictures I have shared). Second, my living room is facing east, which means it gets quite a warm light and this has an influence on how the grey looks as well.

The way I defined the color is by color matching items that I thought were looking great in this corner, like the grey plant box and the sofa cover. Then I tried to find a color that would match this. I have used a custom color (S 1500-N) on this wall and had it mixed at my local paint shop into a paint with a matt finish. For those of you who are interested to use the same color, please make sure to use a sample first, as the color might look entirely different on your walls, depending on the light, flooring and the colors of the items you have in the room.

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    3 Responses to My living room and the grey wall color

    1. Chiara says:

      What a lovely living room! It’s cozy and neat at the same time. I love the way you matched the coffee tables, can you share the brand of the white wire and marble one?


      • cocolapine says:

        Hi Chiara, yes of course, the wire one is from Monatan Furniture and the wooden based one is from Kristina Dam studio 🙂

    2. giuglina says:

      Il tuo blog mi piace immensamente. Adoro l’arredamento made in danish e tu sei bravissima. Complimenti.

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