Menu Collection 2019

Danish design brand Menu is presenting their new catalog for 2019 at IMM Cologne and as per usual, the images in which the new products are presented are super inspiring.  My personal favorite of the new collection would be the Échasse Hurricane designed by Theresa Rand. This is an extension to the vase series that has found it’s place into so many design homes in the last year.

The Bank pendant (which you can see in the second picture of this blogpost) is designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn. They found inspiration from a vintage-style pendant while strolling through Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. I think this pendant looks especially great in a set of two like shown in the picture.

Norm Architects designed as series of minimal accessories for the bathroom, which is now extended to a towel, soap and toilet paper holder. These minimal lines fit great especially into this terrazzo bathroom setting.

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