Beautiful nude pink living room

Even though the pink walls in this gorgeous living room are more of a beige tone and pretty muted, I still think it’s quite a daring color and you have to be slightly brave. It looks absolutely impressive in this home though !  The overall look of this room is very warm and inviting, yet still very light, fresh and airy.

The art wall in tints of beige stands out very nicely against the nude pink walls and is combined for a warmer look with an Ikea sofa customised with a warm grey linen Bemz slip cover*. The white linen pillow covers (which you can buy here* for example) really stand out in this look as well.

The beige area rug (which is the Kolong rug from Urbanara*) makes the entire look a lit lighter and adds a bit more texture to the room. The overall color palette works so nicely in this room. I admire people that dare to work with color and I wish I was more brave to experiment with it as well.

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

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    1. Hervé says:

      Would you have the brand/reference of the pendants on these pictures by any chance ?

    2. Hervé says:

      Would have the reference/name of the pendants on these pictures by any chance ?

    3. Um site que nos favorece em todas as matérias necessário para os nossos projetos

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