Spring organisation in the kitchen

Did you get the spring cleaning bug already ? The nicer weather certainly got me organising but since I moved into this apartment pretty recently I don’t really feel the need to deep clean it like I usually do in Spring.

I recently got the RoboVac vacuum cleaner from Eufy, as shown in the picture below and this has been helping me a lot in keeping the house clean throughout the week. In case you are also interested in getting one for your home, they are having a spring cleaning sale until April 7th*.

I have gone through all my clothes as well and am tackling every corner of the house to try and find the best way to organise things. If every object has a spot, it will get less chance to become messy and I know what I have at all times (I hate it when I buy something and realise I already had it at home, which happens sometimes). I will do every corner of my home gradually and started with the kitchen, which now looks pretty organised.

I have this wide built in open shelf on top of my kitchen, which is great for displaying things, but I started to add too much stuff. I emptied it again and only keep a few things there, which makes the look so much nicer.

I also bought some fun cleaning supplies like the HAY smiley face sponge and am keeping a crate* next to the sink to keep cleaning supplies together. Next to the stove, I placed a mixing jug from Arket* which is keeping all my utensils close by and I love those little green Bordallo cabbage bowls* for keeping my soap at the sink and for keeping garlic. I now have two of them but will get some more for my kitchen cabinet as well.

01. Vipp Salt and Pepper
02. HAY marble tray*
03. Skagerak Sild tray*
04. Eva Solo oil carafe*
05. Sprouted mixing jug from Arket*
06. HAY crate*
07. HAY gold and silver sponges*
08. Iris Hantverk vegetable brush*
09. HAY drop sponge
10. Aesop Aromatique hand wash*
11. HAY dish cloth*
12. Bordallo cabbage bowls*

Some of the items in the pictures are kindly gifted and some of the links I used in the post are Affiliate links (marked with*), which means I earn a small commission on items purchased through these links.

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  1. Such a lovely selection of things! And your kitchen is looking wonderful.

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